Inspiring Loudoun's Youth

Build or join a team, and in cooperation with a community sponsor, design a cool project.

Work independently and together to build something cool. Bring it all together into a successful project and show it at our Expo.

You'll have a lot of fun, and you'll be building great skills for your future!

Giving Loudoun's Students

  • Download The Project Proposal Form

    Do you want to submit a proposal for the challenge? Download and send us back the completed application!
  • Access to Tools

    MakerSmiths has over $500,000 in industrial tools; from 3D printers to electronics equipment to laser cutters.
  • Access to Experts

    If you have an idea, we can teach you to build or carve the bits you need.
  • Download the Project Match Form

    Do you want to participate by being matched with an existing team? This is the form for you!
  • Safety Education

    Laser cutters are cool, but eyeballs are cooler. We can teach you industrial safety practices.
  • Access to Software

    Sometimes you need a ittle extra knowledge to make your robot 'smarter'. We can help.