Announcing the 2017 Loudoun County Youth Maker/Innovator Challenge

Makersmiths has announced the launch of the 2017 Loudoun County Youth Maker/Innovator Challenge, with founding sponsorship from Amazon Web Services.

The Maker/Innovator Challenge is a local community initiative that establishes “challenges” to be solved by teams of local youths (ages between 10 and 17) by designing and building innovative products using the resources at Makersmiths and other maker facilities in the area. The challenges will be nominated by local organizations and businesses, and participating teams will work on their products between June and October.

During this time, participants will receive training, support, and mentorship from Makersmiths volunteers, as well as volunteers from other local businesses and organizations. The program will conclude with a showcase event where the student teams present their innovations in a public community forum and receive recognition for their effort.

If you are interested in participating, nominating a “challenge” to be solved, becoming a sponsor, or for more details about the Maker/Innovator Challenge, please visit The MakerSmiths Youth Maker Innovation Challenge website.